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We are food obsessives and absolutely love the seasons. Cotswolds Pop Ups Events brings your favourite food, to you using local, high quality seasonal produce. 

Vegetable Farm


We want people to eat well, inexpensively and seasonally. Our events focus on delivering reasonably priced food, well and aligned to natures natural menu.

Food Philosophy 

The sourcing of the food we feed you is incredibly important. We cook seasonally and use the best we can. We work with nature to deliver the best-tasting meal around. We design a menu for you based on your requirements and what is in season - think of it like a graph...somewhere is the sweet spot where your vision and what nature provides meet. 

We can cook for private dinners up to festivals stall - get in touch, and we will help make your event extra special. 

Family Dog

Our Brand.

We have a different logo per season to celebrate all things deliciousness. 

Brussels for the winter, Rhurbarb for the spring, Courgette Flower for the summer and Beetroot for autumn.

Outside Dinner





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