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What we Do

Decorated Wedding Table

Private Events

We love doing private events. Weddings, Birthdays, Anniversaries - we love them all. We can cater for up to 150 people - from full sit-down meals to a Gyros stall after the partying is nearly over! Get in touch for a quote - knowing your budget is helpful. When budgeting for an event - remember you are buying each of your guests' dinner - so think how much that would usually cost you. We also have an alcohol license and can take care of all that for you. 

Professional Kitchen

Kitchen Takeovers

One of the great joys of the modern world is the desire for many business owners to collaborate. We have pop-upped in many kitchens across the area and love making the most of existing clientele, a proper kitchen and some banter for the evening!

We love customising our menu depending on the seasons and where we are. We even take singing though.

Christmas Market

Markets & Pop Ups

This is where we launched our brand of Etsi ki Etsi - working long and often cold days at markets up and down the South West. We love a good market - from the unpredictability of trade to the weather, we have always learnt to be prepared. 

Our market and pop up calendar will be posted on our instagram

Family Style Eating

When people talk about eating traditionally - and ask if our recipes are traditional, we often explain, with Greek Food, it's less about what you eat but about how you eat. The Greeks are heavily influenced by some many cultures - but one thing that is very much their own is eating together, seasonally and well. We love to create a family dining experience for our customers. 

Greek Dips
Friends at Barbeque

How we source our ingredients

We are highly conscious of where our food comes from. When you open a business focused on another country - there is a quick temptation to buy everything from there and not think about your impact. 


Our Meat 

We aim to use as much local and organic as possible. Meat is a treat, and so is eating out. We understand people's views on meat-eating vary, but we are comfortable with the husbandry and slaughter process for all the meat we buy. Menus for large numbers can be tricky when it comes to sourcing meat. Cows only have a certain amount of fillet steaks in we will discuss with you the best options to ensure as much of the animal is used as possible and we don't slaughter animals unnecessarily. 


Our Vegetables and Herbs

We mostly buy organic vegetables when they are available. We work with wholesalers and producers directly for our veggies. We deviate away from organic only when it is worse for the environment to buy organic. If we have to choose between buying something that is Organic but has taken a 9-hour plane journey rather than something non-organic from Spain or the UK that hasn't been flown - we will select the non-flown option.


We will always talk to you about the seasonality of your menu - encouraging you to pick a menu that is in harmony with the environment. For example, we won't use fresh tomatoes when they are not in season. Not only are they crazy expensive - but they also taste gross. We've sadly been programmed by supermarkets that all vegetables are around all year - it's just such nonsense! 


We also work with producers who grow their produce vertically or hydroponically. Unfortunately, these producers cannot be certified organic as their practices don't adhere to the Soil Association's guidelines. It's a fascinating debate - Google it. We love food producers that focus on the quality of the product and monitor the impact. 


Meat/Dairy Alternatives

We don't use meat/dairy alternatives in our food - no fake Feta or Greek Yoghurt here. We totally get that people like them - we think vegetables are absolutely delicious and should be celebrated. If anyone thinks we're wrong - you're probably right, and we haven't tried that specific product yet. We also find it hard to get good traceability on them - primarily when soya is used; we never know if it's excellent or lousy. Or what some of the strange stabilisers or regulators are in them. We think great, treated vegetables will always taste better than these products. 


Dry Goods 

We work with great people who source the right product and focus on organic. We wanted to have our favourite things from Greece, so work with a fantastic importer based in London who also sources supplies for their own restaurants and shops.

Allergies & Intolerances 

Since starting out, we have learned much about what people can and can't eat. To combat this, we try, where possible, to swap out things as a standard. We have swapped to using Gluten Free Soy Sauce (Tomari) and Gluten Free Beer when cooking. Sometimes we can't control ingredients in our products - but we will know exactly what's in them. 


We don't always get it right, and we hold our hands up to not being experts. But we consider what we want to eat and use that as our benchmark. 

Our wonderful friend, Eleanor, uses the phrase "the least worst option", which resonates with us. When certain decisions mean that we can't get exactly what we want (or can afford), we choose the least worst option for you. 

Gold Cutlery

Hire Items

We also hire plates, glassware, napkins, cutlery, and more. Please have a look at our current hire items offering by clicking below. If you want something particular, we may buy it for your event and hire out. 

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Greek Ancient Sculpture of Warrior
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